Twilight 007 – Seventh Release (1996) MULTI ENG

Games Twilight Collection

Twilight 007 – Seventh Release (1996) MULTI ENG


Twilight era il nome di una serie olandese di CD-ROM e DVD pubblicati mensilmente, che conteneva una raccolta di software popolari ma spesso molto costosi, per lo più giochi per computer e applicazioni pubblicati nel mese della sua uscita. Le protezioni delle applicazioni e dei giochi venivano spesso rimosse. Inoltre, per poter archiviare il più possibile su uno o due dischi, i giochi e le app venivano spesso compressi, oltre che privati di video e audio. La serie ha funzionato dall’inizio del 1996 fino al 16 giugno 2001.


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1 cd, barcode: 7-103-911 / 4, tag: 7




Archimedean Dynasty
Broken Sword
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
Death Rally (Registred Version)
Hunter Hunted
Pinball Construction Kit
Road Rash
Sim Golf
Space Jam
Syndicate Wars
Toy Story
Ultimate Soccer Manager 2
Virtua Squad (Virtua Cop)


Eudora Pro 3.0
Executor 2.0
Internet Sidekick 97
McAfee QuickBackup
McAfee PCCrypto 1.01 (International Version)
Quarterdeck CleanSweep 3.0
Quarterdeck Partition-It
Quicken 6 Deluxe
RayStudio 2.0 for 3D Studio MAX
Site FX
SoftIce for NT V1.05
Dr Solomon’s AntiVirus Toolkit 7.65 (MS-DOS/Win95)
Symantec Healthy PC
ViruSafe95 October
Visual Java 1.0 (Final)
Windows95 OSR2 (Final)
WinZip 6.2


AEK-CIV2.ZIP – Patch for Civilization 2
ALCH19.ZIP – Image Alchemy V1.9
AMP14.ZIP – AMP V1.4 Module Player
BSWORD.ZIP – Broken Sword *Walkthrough*
CB4-QC10.ZIP – QuickColor 1.0 Cracked
CB4-TL40.ZIP – Turbo Launch Win95 4.0 beta
CB4AET32.ZIP – AWAVE Editor Tool V.3.2
CB4DKPIE.ZIP – Disk Piecharter 2.0 Win95
CB4DUNM1.ZIP – Dial-Up Magic for Windows 95 1.2
CB4EXFIX.ZIP – eXalt v3.0 – fix
CB4POP15.ZIP – Pop Up Calender 1.5 Win95/NT *Cracked*
CDESTINY.ZIP – Clandestiny *Walkthrough*
DAG179.EXE – Daggerfall patch to V1.79
DF-C131.ZIP – Candi v1.31 *Registered*
DR-CHTS.ZIP – Death Rally cheat codes
EZ101MCC.ZIP – eZIP v1.01 Keycode generator
GIL-T365.ZIP – Every Day Tips & Tricks For Win95
GLOWOL.ZIP – Online 1.9 Registered
HDP3FIX.ZIP – Hot Dog Pro v3.0.7 reg
IMAGEMA.ZIP – Image Master for 3D Studio MAX 1.1
IPSPEED.ZIP – TCP/IP speed-o-meter
KRMAFSN.ZIP – FutureSplash serial number
LNDDMAP.ZIP – Disk Mapper for Win95 & 3.x
MERCNFIX.ZIP – Mechwarrior 2 Network Fix
MNCLIKSE.ZIP – LIKSE v1.21/32 Registered
MP3MAK12.ZIP – Team Keso’s MP3 PlayList Maker V1.2
MRBTP30D.ZIP – Thumbs+Plus 3.0d-S Crack-Patch
MSQ-DB41.ZIP – DocsBoot+ version 0.41
MSQ-ENF.ZIP – Enforcer v3.0b for NT/95
MSQ-TL.ZIP – Tlaunch v3.0 b320 for NT/95
MSQGRBAC.ZIP – GRBack Cross Backup for W95/NT V1.61
NRG-IMS.ZIP – Internet Mail Suite for Delphi 2.0
PC_BLT15.ZIP – WinBlt 1.5 Crack Patch
PC_DEL15.ZIP – Deletor 1.5 Crack Patch
PC_FRHA7.ZIP – FreeHand 7.0 Licensing Crack
PC_RAS15.ZIP – Rascal 1.5 Crack Patch
PC_REG15.ZIP – Reglo 1.5 Crack Patch
PC_UNI15.ZIP – Unios 1.5 Crack Patch
PC_WHO15.ZIP – WhoSock 1.5 Crack Patch
PC_ZMO15.ZIP – ZMover 1.5 Crack Patch
PNCGWAVE.ZIP – Goldwave v3.33 for Windows 95/NT
PNCHS275.ZIP – HyperSnap 2.75 Regged Win95-NT
PRM-SGCR.ZIP – Smodem Group Chat *Registered*
PSGDRTRN.ZIP – Death Rally +6 Trainer
PST-9608.ZIP – Latest SWAG Snippets (08/31/96)
PST-AVIC.ZIP – AVI Constructor 32 bit Version 1.4
PST-CDSP.ZIP – CD/Spectrum Pro V2.3 Win95/NT4.0 Cracked
PST-HCHA.ZIP – handiCHAT v3.1 *Register S/N*
PST-NATO.ZIP – Nato Fighters Manuals
PST-PSP.ZIP – 007 for Win32 v1.0a *Cracked*
PST-PSPC.ZIP – 007 for Win32 v1.0a *Re-cracked*
RAS13MCC.ZIP – RAS Monitor! v1.30 for Win95 *KeyGen*
RVX-HW22.ZIP – Hex Workshop 2.2
SA1612CR.ZIP – Secret Agent v1.20 *Registered*
SAMDIALO.ZIP – DiaLog 3.4.8 3.xx/95
SAMLVPRO.ZIP – L View Pro 1.D2 32bit 3xx/95/NT
SAMMYCDP.ZIP – MyCDplayer 2.0.2 Win 3.xx/95
SC3WALK.ZIP – Star Control 3 *Walkthrough*
SDMFCRK.ZIP – Macromedia Freehand 7.0 Crack
SYNTRAIN.ZIP – Syndicate Wars +3 Trainer
TFTSOTDM.ZIP – On-Track Disk Manager 7.11
UCF-SECU.ZIP – Secure v0.19+ *Keymaker*
UCFCODRP.ZIP – CoderPad v1.0 Registered
UCFMORSP.ZIP – MoreSpace v2.4+ for Win95 Crack
UCFTD600.ZIP – TrayDay 6.0 95/NT *Licensed*
UCFTNC52.ZIP – Time & Chaos v5.2.0 Reg Numbers
WG13-SDM.ZIP – WinGate 1.3.17 *Cracked*
WINARJ22.ZIP – Win Arj v2.2 Registered
XFDRCRK.ZIP – Drag And File -Gold- 2.22 Cracked
XFWDCRK.ZIP – WinDraft V1.26a Cracked

Furthermore, a bunch of Quake-related files has been gathered in the VARIOUSQUAKE-directory.

Bubble Bobble Combo New EXE
Included in this directory is a new EXE-file for Twilight 6’s Bubble Bobble Combo. If the game doesn’t run properly on your system (eg. you get an MSCDEX parity error), copy BB.EXE to the GAME directory in the dir you installed the game to. So, if you installed the game to eg. E:BUBBLE, copy BB.EXE to E:BUBBLEGAME. If the game is already running fine on your system, you don’t need to use the new EXE-file and can just go on using the normal one!





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