Twilight 004 – Forth Release (1996) MULTI ENG

Games Twilight Collection

Twilight 004 – Forth Release (1996) MULTI ENG


Twilight era il nome di una serie olandese di CD-ROM e DVD pubblicati mensilmente, che conteneva una raccolta di software popolari ma spesso molto costosi, per lo più giochi per computer e applicazioni pubblicati nel mese della sua uscita. Le protezioni delle applicazioni e dei giochi venivano spesso rimosse. Inoltre, per poter archiviare il più possibile su uno o due dischi, i giochi e le app venivano spesso compressi, oltre che privati di video e audio. La serie ha funzionato dall’inizio del 1996 fino al 16 giugno 2001.


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<code>W E L C O M E

to the Fourth Release of

ßß ÛÛ ßß ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ

³ [1] WELCOME!

Here it is: Numero Four in the Twilight-series. Once again we decided
to sacrifice our sleep to get this CD ready, and we’re sure we’ve got
another cool edition for you. We’ve got games like Sensible Soccer Euro
’96, The Settlers II, Tyrian V2.0, Strife, and Normality. Or Earthworm
Jim 1 and 2, Duke Nukem 3D (Full CD!), Battle Isle 2200 and Battle Arena
Toshinden. But of course there’s much, much more; There are a lot of games
to meet everybody’s tastes.
We’ve also got a very strong Applications-section once again; Just take a
look at the list, and titles like MathCad 6.0 Pro, Lotus Word Pro 96,
WordPerfect Office Suite (which includes WordPerfect for Win95!), Symantec
Caf‚ Java, Cubase and 3D Studio MAX (amongst others) will immediately catch
your eye.
Also, our programmer has been working on the Installer (with some “slight
motivation” from us! :), and new this time are the Search-command and the
compatibility with Windows. The Search-command makes it possible to
look for a program across all releases of Twilight; So no more searching
yourself, just enter what you’re looking for and off you go!


We continue our Quest For The Best And Easiest To Install Wares; This
is to insure maximum comfort installing the game or application of your
choice, so you won’t find ARJs in ZIPs etc. on Twilight.
Most of the games are ZIPped and can be easily uncompressed using the
Twilight Installer: Just select a destination-drive, pick a game, push
Enter and it’s done before you know it. Concerning the ZIPping of games:
There’s always been (and probably always will be!) a debate going on whether
games should be ZIPped or not. We decided to do both!
Most games are ZIPped, but some huge ones are left on the CD uncompressed,
saving a lot of harddisk-space. 99% Of all applications is installable
directly from the CD, so most of the time they’re left uncompressed; In some
special cases, however, it’s better to ZIP them, which we will then choose
to do.
Our philisophy is to put NO betas on Twilight. However, sometimes we DO
decide to put one on the CD. When do we do this?

þ The program should have an extreme appeal to a lot of people, i.e.
Internet bandwidth is already being wasted by people chatting about it;
þ It’s stable (we test it ourselves);
þ The full version won’t be out for a long time.


When compiling this CD, we came across a lot of files which were not
suitable for inclusion in the main list. However, we figured that these
files might be of interest to many people since these usually include
trainers, cracks, solves and docs. We selected the most interesting
files and put them together in the VARIOUS-directory of the CD. Please
note though, that we did NOT check any of these files!
A list of all files in the VARIOUS-directory with a short description
can be found in the file VARIOUS.LST, also in the VARIOUS-directory. You
can also view this file from the menu by selecting “View Various List”.
This time we also included several Desktop Themes for Windows95, and
an entire collection of MR-BIOSes for virtually every mainboard around.
We put the themes in VARIOUSTHEMES and the MR-BIOSes in VARIOUSMR_BIOS.
Please note that you need to have the Plus Pack installed to be able to use
the themes.


The Twilight Installer enables you to easily select and unpack a program.
Some of its features are:

þ Online Help-Service;
þ Screenshot-viewing;
þ Multi-CD Support: One Installer, multiple releases;
þ Tagging of Programs for batch-unpacking;
þ Auto-checking for free diskspace;
þ CD-Changer Support.
þ Search-command.

Since the Installer is extremely easy to use, no help is required; However,
we still decided to include it, but only for a couple of topics. You can
find topics like keys to use, multi-CD support and things like that.
We included screenshots for a couple of games, giving you an impression
of what it looks like. But of course, to be really able to judge a game,
you have to see it running…
Multi-CD Support allows you to browse through the lists of all releases
of Twilight, and when you’ve made a choice the Installer prompts you to
insert the selected release and off you go! You can select another
release by pushing the appropriate release-number, i.e. 2.
If you’ve got a CD-changer or more than one CD-player, you can insert
a couple of releases of Twilight; When you now select a program, the
Installer will automatically figure out in what CD-ROM drive it is! To
disable CD-Changer Support for some rather vague reason, start the menu with
/C on the command-line.
The new Search-command enables you to easily look for a program through
all releases of Twilight. To scan across all releases, you must have
installed the Installer to your harddisk, though. For more information on
this topic, take a look at the help system.
For more information on other topics, refer to the on-line help system by
pushing F1 from the Installer’s main screen.


For fast and easy operation, it’s best to put the Installer’s files on your
harddisk. Also, if you want to use the Search-command to search across all
releases of Twilight, you must have installed the Installer to your harddisk.
To do this, we included a small installation-program. Just go to the
MENU-directory and type INSTALL. Since the files are very small, this
process will only take a few seconds. To make sure the Installer is always
able to find the required files, you can set an Environment String called
Twilight specifying the directory. So if you installed the files to e.g.
C:TWILIGHT, you should add a line like this to your AUTOEXEC.BAT:


Putting the files on your harddisk also makes it possible to easily switch
from one release of Twilight to another, simply by pushing its number; It
doesn’t make a difference what release is currently in your CD-ROM drive.
Note: Older versions of the Twilight Installer are out-of-date and should
NOT be used anymore; Please re-install all files to your harddisk.


If you push Enter to install a program, the Installer will automatically
check if there’s enough free diskspace on the selected harddisk. Checking
will ONLY be performed if the game has to be unZIPped; Programs that have
to be installed using their custom installation-program quite often offer
a variety of different installation-options and perform free-space-checking
themselves. For those programs we give you an estimate of the amount of
diskspace a common installation of that program will take up.
If there’s not enough free diskspace to unZIP the program, unZIPping will
be cancelled. However, since the amount of diskspace stated as required
is an estimate which is correct for most machines, you might have enough
free diskspace while the Installer keeps saying you don’t. This problem is
caused by different block-sizes, i.e. especially short files take up more
diskspace on some partitions than on others. To override the Installer’s
free-diskspace-checking, push Control-Enter instead of Enter.


We included a small program called TL.EXE with nearly every program that
has to be unZIPped. It enables you to select common operations, such as
Setup or Run Game from a menu. Make your choice using the cursor-keys and
push Enter to select.
Also available is Read Documentation; We included a small doc-file with
many programs, giving you information on how to install, troubleshooting
or anything else that might be of importance. So make sure you take a look
at it!


We tested ALL programs on a couple of different systems with totally
different configurations (CPU, Memory, Network, Harddisk, OS, etc.). We
have found all programs to work perfectly, but it is possible that you
run into trouble. If you do, please read the Troubleshooting-section
later on. There are millions of different PCs out there…
Some people told us that they couldn’t get certain games to work. Once
again we say that ALL games work on our machines. So if a game doesn’t
run, first read DOCS&NFOTL.TXT to see if there are hints for installing and
running a program. Sometimes you have to disable QEMM, for example. If
the Troubleshooting-section didn’t help either, then it’s probably not OUR
fault but the programmers of the game’s problem!

We have performed virus-checking with the latest versions of:

þ Thunderbyte Anti-Virus (TBAV);
þ McAfee Scan;
þ F-Prot;
þ Dr Solomon’s Toolkit.


This section is intended as a trouble-shooting guide; It tries to give you
some advice if you cannot get a program to work.

þ Trying to run a program which requires 8 MB of memory when you’ve only
got 4 doesn’t make sense.
þ If you’re low on diskspace, try removing some files. Some programs
(especially under Windows!) require some free diskspace to fiddle
around with.
þ Try increasing the FILES= statement in your CONFIG.SYS.
þ Remove SMARTDrive. Please! 🙂
þ If you’re using Windows, put the Windows-directory in your path.
þ Try using many different startup-files! Here are some suggestions:
þ Change memory-managers. Change QEMM to EMM386 and vice versa.
þ Use only HIMEM.SYS.
þ Try using NO startup-files at all (clean boot). To do this, push
left-shift at bootup.
þ Remove all TSRs from your startup-files (or at least the ones you
don’t really need). Quite often they take up a big chunk of vital
memory, or they cause a conflict.
þ If a network is not required, disable it.
þ Remember to setup your soundcard properly! If you get it wrong, it
might just crash your machine. Many sound-setup programs offer some
sort of auto-detection; However, if this process crashes your machine
you have to set the parameters manually.
þ If the program doesn’t work under Windows, you’re in for a heck of a
time! 😉 Some causes of problems are:
þ Device conflicts;
þ Low on memory (try increasing the swapfile-size);
þ Missing DLLs or incomplete installations.
Also try tuning your .INI-files if you’re using Win3.X.


Well just like most of you people out there, we’re going on a vacation
for some time, and after that take some time off! And since we are
definitely NOT taking our PCs with us, expect the next release of Twilight
to arrive around September. But you’ll definitely notice when it has
arrived… 🙂
So switch off those machines, and enjoy the sun!


Once again, we thank our customers who made us go on with Twilight by
supporting us. Thanks!

Enjoy the sun, and we’ll see you soon again!

Until then: Enjoy!

-Signed: The Twilight Crew</code>




Air Warrior II
Battle Arena Toshinden
Battle Isle 2200: Shadow Of The Emperor
Chaos Overlords: Strategic Gang Warfare
Conquest o/t New World
Duke Nukem 3D (Full CD Version)
Earthworm Jim for DOS
Earthworm Jim II
Lemmings Paintball
Majestic Part I: Alien Encounter
Micro Machines II Turbo Tournament
Operation: Carnage
Player Of The Year
Return Fire
Sensible World Of Soccer Euro 96 Edition
Shell Shock
Speed Haste
The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici
Total Knockout Championship Female Boxing
Total Mayhem
Tyrian V2.0
Virtual Soccer ’96
Warcraft II: Beyond The Dark Portal
WitchHaven II
Wizardry GOLD
World Rally Fever


3D Studio MAX
4DOS, 4OS2 and 4NT 2.52
Alibaba Web Server 2.0
Cubase 3.0
GraphPad Prism 2.01
InContext Spider 1.1
Java for Borland C++ 5.0
Lotus Word Pro 96 Edition
MacOpener 2.0
MathCad Plus 6.0 Professional
Norton Antivirus V2.0
Quarterdeck SpeedyROM
RealAudio 2.0
Setup Factory 3.10
Symantec Caf‚ Java
VTune 2.0
Watcom C/C++ 10.6 Small DOS-Rip
Corel WordPerfect Office Suite


ACB23A.ZIP ACB V1.23a Archiver
ACTIVEX.ZIP Active X FOR WIN95 (Movie Player)
BTD!CIV2.ZIP Civilization II Update to V1.04
CLE-H3LC.ZIP All levelcodes for Evolution (Humans 3)
CLSWP203.ZIP CleanSweep 95 Update to V2.03
CMACHINE.ZIP Cheat machine V2.04
CMED.ZIP CMed 1.08d HTML-Editor *Registered*
DA-JC144.ZIP JetCommander V1.44 [DOS] *Cracked*
DF!QTW95.ZIP QUICKTIME v2.11.55 32bit
DIRSORT1.ZIP Directory Sort for Win95 *Registered*
DZ!PBAU.ZIP Update for PBA Bowling V1.13
DZ!CIVU.ZIP CivNet V1.0.2 Update
DZ!PBAU.ZIP Update for PBA Bowling V1.13
DZ!TFSU.ZIP Terminator Future Shock US-Version Update to V1.20
GOMER.ZIP GOMER HTML editor version 1.40
ISLAUU10.ZIP uuencode und decode dos latest version
LSW-2MF.ZIP 2M v3.0 Format at 1.88
MGEUC237.ZIP UltraCompressor 2.37á *Registered*
PCWD2UFX.ZIP Descent II Ultimate Patch
QUA-MINI.ZIP Quake Mini FAQ (16-4-1996)
RA-250.ZIP Remote Access 2.50 Release
SCALER13.ZIP Scaler V1.30, Benchmarking tool
SERVU2AR.ZIP Serv-U – FTP server for MS-Windows
SOURCKIL.ZIP Sourcer 6.51 *Repatched*
SPACEBDO.ZIP Space Bucks: Quick Dox
ST158CRK.ZIP SCREEN THiEF v1.58 *Cracked*
STREAM.ZIP Xing Streamworks, plug-in for Netscape 2.0
UCF-CBAR.ZIP ClysBar *Keymaker*
UCF-FKEY.ZIP FastKey v1.20 *Registered*
UCF-ICCD.ZIP ICCD Cd Player v3.1a *Registered*
UCF-KALI.ZIP kALI95 v0.9b *Keymaker-Patch*
UCF-NBEL.ZIP NewBel v1.01 *Registered*
UCF-RASP.ZIP RAS Professional v0.41 *Registered*
UCF-RPRO.ZIP RAS professional *Registration*
UCF-T4KY.ZIP tERMINATE v4.0 *Key-Generator*
UCF-TD43.ZIP TrayDay v4.3 *Licensed*
UCF-WARJ.ZIP WinArj v2.20 *Registered*
UCFANTI!.ZIP ANTIAD v1.30 *Registration-Key*
UCFAWEBK.ZIP AWE32 Bank Manager v1.20 *Registered*
UCFCDR14.ZIP CD-REC *Licensed*
UCFCTALK.ZIP Clock Talk 32 with Registration-Crack
UCFGIFKT.ZIP GIF Construction Kit v1.0 *Registered*
UCFHSNPK.ZIP HyperSnap *Keymaker*
UCFHTMNP.ZIP HTML Noepad v1.19 *Registered*
UCFLADYB.ZIP LadyBird v1.8 *Registered*
UCFMANGL.ZIP Microangelo 2.0 *Registration Code*
UCFMANIA.ZIP Macro Mania v2.1 *Registered*
UCFMEDIT.ZIP MapEdit 95/NT v2.23 *Registered*
UCFMUSCP.ZIP Music+ v3.4 *rRegistered*
UCFNSMED.ZIP NSMEDIT v2.5 *Registered*
UCFPCS12.ZIP PC Security 1.2 *Cracked*
UCFPRS27.ZIP Print Screen 95 v2.7 *Registered*
UCFQREAD.ZIP QRead 95 v2.0 *Registered*
UCFQSOFT.ZIP Quick Soft 96 *Registered*
UCFQV302.ZIP QUICK VIEW PLUS v.3.0.2 *Patch*
UCFRASPK.ZIP RAS professional *Keymaker*
UCFSHW17.ZIP ShellWizard 1.7 *Keymaker*
UCFSLIDE.ZIP SlideShow v4.3 *Registered*
UCFSONIC.ZIP SuperSonic v1.61 *Registered*
UCFSTKMA.ZIP Stocktrack32 v1.0 *Registration*
UCFTABIT.ZIP TabIt 1.xx *Registration*
UCFTCTBX.ZIP TC’s Toolbox v2.4 *Registered*
UCFTIMEC.ZIP Time & Chaos PRO v3.1b *Registered*
UCFWPC42.ZIP WPC v4.2 *Registered*
UE-00107.ZIP CONFIG.EXE V7, Config manager
VHSB.ZIP Virtual Home Space Builder
WCMD210.ZIP WINDOWS COMMANDER 2.10 – for WinNT/95/3.1
WINRAR20.ZIP WinRAR – the RAR archiver v2.00 for Windows
WINZIP61.ZIP WinZip 6.1 Final 32-bit and 16-Bit
XADID189.ZIP Display v1.89, DOS graphic utility
XADIDT31.ZIP Digitrakker 3.1 *Registered*
XADIP201.ZIP PKLiTE 2.01 *Cracked*
XADIR495.ZIP riPPER 4.95 (c) JéNas
XADIST85.ZIP sCREEN tHiEF 1.85 *Registered*
XF-LW50.ZIP LightWave 3D V5.0B From NewTek Inc.
XF-SR651.ZIP Sourcer v6.51 SN# SR322449-TAWE





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